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TEKNOVIS3 is a dynamic and innovative Italian company that produces and sells worldwide high-quality technical products for industrial applications.


Tel: +39 0871 44.62.62
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Indirizzo: Via P. U. Frasca - Centro DAMA - 66100 Chieti (CH) ITALY
+39 0871 44.62.62

Textile expansion joint with squared section

Textile expansion joint with circular section

Textile joint



High Temp Resistant

High Temp Resistant

No Vibrations

No Vibrations

TEKJoint is a textile expansion joint made of one or more fabric layers and materials according to the different customer’s needs and to the specific fields of application.

TEKJoint is a strategical device in many industrial plants, it absorbs vibrations and movements in any direction caused by thermal variations, it absorbs also tensions  in canalization systems and compensates the movements between two elements connected with it (pipes or elements with any shape).

TEKJoint is normally used with gas fluids, typically air or fumes with high temperature.

Main features:

  • Anti-vibration and noise reduction;
  • Excellent adaptability to plant elements of any shape and dimensions;
  • High resistance to high temperature;
  • Lightness;
  • Ease of installation;
  • No stress transmission.


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