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TEKNOVIS3 is a dynamic and innovative Italian company that produces and sells worldwide high-quality technical products for industrial applications.


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+39 0871 44.62.62
FTB Zero For Pump Body On Cold Line
FTB Zero For Valves And Pump Bodies On Cold Line
FTB Zero For 2 Way Valve On Cold Line
FTB Zero For Pump Bodies On Cold Line
FTB Zero For Valves On Cold Line
FTB Zero For Valves On Cold Line
FTB Zero For Valves On Cold Line
FTB Zero For Pump Bodies On Cold Line
FTB Zero For Pump Bodies On Cold Line
FTB Zero Fro Valves And Flanges On Cold Line
Energy Saving

Energy Saving

CO2 Reduction

CO2 Reduction



Insulation blanket

FTB Zero is an insulating technical mattress for cold applications, made of innovative high performance materials which insulates all kind of elements on cold lines and offers:

  • high resistance to negative temperature
  • antifreeze properties
  • protection from frost cracks
  • reduction of service interruptions caused by frost breakdown
  • constant temperature of refrigerated lines and elements with the presence of external heat sources
  • energy saving for mantaining refrigeration
  • reduction of condensation
  • reduction of corrosion risk caused by the condensation of plant elements
  • risk reduction of cold burns
  • risk reduction for the personnel caused by wet floors from condensation dripping
  • extreme ease in installation and uninstallation
  • ease of installation even in the presence of poor accessible spaces and excellent adaptability to any plant element with different shape
  • lightness

Optional feature:

Optionally, it is possible to request FTB Zero with the integration of self regulating heating cables to mantain a specific temperature, according to the customer’s needs. The heating cables, if requested, will be compliant with the ATEX directives.


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