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TEKNOVIS3 is a dynamic and innovative Italian company that produces and sells worldwide high-quality technical products for industrial applications.


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How it works

A Detail Of FTB PH-i, For A 2 Ways Valve, With The PH Indicator Windows Through Which You Can The PH Of The Fluid Leakage If It Is Present

The image above shows a detail of FTB PH-i, for a 2 ways valve, with the pH indicator windows through which to check the pH of the fluid leakage, if it is present. In case of leakage, the pH indicator will be colored based on the degree of acidity/alkalinity of the leaked fluid.


FTB PH-i is easily recognizable by its orange stripe so that personnel can quickly check for any fluid leakage and the pH of it.

pH indicator of leakage

Harmful Leakage Indicator

Harmful leakage indicator

No Plant Stops

No plant stops



FTB PH-i is an insulating technical blanket with PH indicator on 1-14 range. It is made of innovative high performance materials which insulates all kind of elements, on hot and cold lines, offering:

  • the ability to check the degree of acidity/alkalinity of fluid loss from the insulated element;
  • the ability to promptly act on the basis of the pH indication, in case of loss of aggressive fluids, dangerous for people and for the integrity of the plant elements;
  • maintenance time and costs reduction due to the fluid loss which can be harmful for the plant;
  • extreme ease of installation and uninstallation;
  • high adaptability of installation even in uncomfortable small spaces;
  • possibility of usage both in safe areas and with danger of explosion.

Moreover, FTB PH-i retains all the FTB standard version characteristics and in particular:

  • guarantees excellent energy savings and allows the reduction of maintenance costs and supply;
  • provides exceptional thermal insulation both at high and negative temperatures;
  • promotes the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the environment;
  • promotes the temperature reduction of the workplace;
  • reduces the risk of burns and temporarily prevents sprayouts of aggressive products protecting plants personnel;
  • is usable for outdoor installation beacuse is made by waterproof technical fabrics.


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