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TEKNOVIS3 is a dynamic and innovative Italian company that produces and sells worldwide high-quality technical products for industrial applications.


Tel: +39 0871 44.62.62
Fax: +39 0871 44.62.63
Indirizzo: Via P. U. Frasca - Centro DAMA - 66100 Chieti (CH) ITALY
+39 0871 44.62.62


Teknovis3 Company

TEKNOVIS3 is an italian dynamic and innovative company that produces and sells high quality technical products for worldwide industrial and civil applications.

The continuous attention towards the technological innovation and to customers’ needs is the constitutive element of the mission, always oriented to the research of the excellence on own products.

The primary company target is to build high performance products, through the use of the best materials on the market and  a continuous improvement of internal process.

The permanent R&D activity has allowed registering patents that prove the uniqueness of products.

TEKNOVIS3 is able to offer to its customers standard or tailor made solutions, according to their specific needs.

Made in Italy

High Quality

Top Performance

Innovative Solutions

Standard and Tailor Made

Patent Solutions

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